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An archive of all the dishes, videos and blogging materials that have been shared here on the blog. I hope you find something helpful.

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17 thoughts on “Recipe Index

  1. Hi, I have a request too…egg rolls! The Ugandan type with boiled egg and potatoes. I miss those! Oh and if you can to, chaps and kebabs! You are officially my food teacher I’m so happy I found you!

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  2. Hello, I live in the UK I am falling in love with your wesite! well done with the quality photos and recipes. As a fellow Ugandan Im so proud of you(even though you dont know me!) Wishing you the best: Janet


    1. Thank you Janet for your kind words. It’s wonderful people like you that make this enjoyable. Please do share every time you make something from the site. Cheers!


  3. As a fellow foodie all I can say is thank you thank you thank you😝
    Just landed on this blog…super excited to try out the different recipes. Once again..thank you.

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