Chilled Pineapple Juice

I think it is pineapple season. The reason I say so is because somehow they are easier to find and a little bit cheaper. With the scorching sun that is hitting us these days (right before massive downpours), I thought it is time to step up my game of making fruit drinks. Do you love experimenting with fruit drinks? What are your favorite combos? This one is as simple as having a blended pineapple, some lemons and sugar really. As simple as it is, it really is refreshing because the secret is chilling well before  serving.

What you will need:

1 Large pineapple

5 Lemons


Sugar Method

Wash all the fruit and set aside. Using a sharp knife, peel the pineapple and core it then cut it into pieces. Put the pineapple pieces in the blender and add water. Blend till smooth(without any chunks).  Sieve the juice to remove tiny pieces of pineapple. Add sugar and stir till dissolved. Squeeze four  lemons in the pineapple juice(make sure the lemon juice is sieved).  Chill the juice.  When ready to serve, cut the remaining lemon into thin slices,  insert them into glasses, add ice cubes and then the juice.  Serve.


  1. I did not put any specific measurements to the water and sugar because I believe we all have varied preferences. If you want the juice slightly sweeter and more concentrated, add less water and more sugar and if you want it a little lighter in taste and sweetness, add more water and less sugar.
  2. The lemon juice enhances the flavor while the slices are garnish.

I hope by this you will be able to conquer the heat. Plus you can easily double (and triple even) the recipe to serve guests.




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