Lunch at Cassava Republic

Happy New month! I know I am not the only one who is still puzzled at how fast this year is flying by. It’s not to late, though,  to still work on those resolutions.

Last week I had a chance to visit Cassava Repulic and try their mouthwatering menu (as seen on instagram!). Cassava Repulic is located in Entebbe, a few kilometres from the airport. It is a surprising little corner in the heart of Entebbe. Once you enter,  it’s a different world altogether, with chill earthy and wooden interiors.

We had the house recommend mixed platter which came with an assortment of meats,  sauces, salads and surprising sides.

We started off our meal with chilled passion fruit juice.  Both our  platters had two kinds of  chicken, which were, hands down, some of the best chicken I have tasted in a while.  The contrasting flavors ( smoky and sweet) were just done right.


Alongside the chicken was roasted goat skewers.  The goat was soft and tender although minimally spiced. The platter also included Nile Perch fingers with a salty herbed mayo dip. There was coleslaw which was refreshing and had the right amount of  sweetness. Steamed cassava with a spicy curry sauce plantain chips  and avocado on the side.

We were stuffed.

If you would like to have a laid back and unapologetic dining experience of Uganda’s street foods and more,  I recommend Cassava Republic.

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Africa Heritage Day



Hi guys!

So, Sunday was Heritage Day! For those who don’t know, it’s a holiday celebrated in South Africa on the 24th of September aimed to inspire unity among Africans and promote Africa as the ultimate travel destination.

I participated in this great campaign with Travelstart and talked about Uganda and food (of course) with @bohxstudios and @shotbymu helping with the video.

I also dropped some reasons why we all should explore Africa.

If you don’t know which country to start with, this quiz will reveal which African country you secretly want to explore?

And check us out in the this video!


Hope you have a great week.



Daddies Yoghurt Parfait with Chocolate and Avocado

​For most of you who dont know, AKIU is not a one woman thing. There is this force of family that is behind all that you see here.  My Dad – the hand model, my Mom – the dishwasher, my brother – the taster and my sisters – the publicists. My little sister’s birthday is coming up in a few days. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said nothing. Well, I still went a head and made something because that is what sisters are for. No?

For a while now, i have had my mind on daddies. Firstly because they are one of my favorite snacks and secondly because they would make a  great base for no- bake desserts. Daddies are the Ugandan equivalent of cookies in the west. These crunchy buttery pieces of fried dough are the definition of school snacks.   

While planning this parfait, I was looking for something simple, easy to put together, flavorful and a crowd pleaser. It did not disappoint and it is as simple as putting daddies, chocolate, yoghurt, avocado and repeat. 

 What you will need:

2 C. Daddies

1C. Yoghurt, vanilla flavored

1 Chocolate bar

1 Avocado


Put the daddies and 3 quarters of the chocolate in a paper bag or plastic/ zip lock. Slightly crash them together. Remove from the plastic and put them in a bowl. Set aside. 

Cut half of the avocado and cube it. Get two long glasses and place the crushed daddies and chocolate in them. Add the yogurt, some more daddies, avocado pieces and more yoghurt. 

To garnish, break the remaining chocolate into chunks and place it on top of the parfait with more daddies. Grate more chocolate on top.

Serve chilled 

This is worth a try!