5 Star Dining at Chapter Two – Skyz Hotel 

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When you think of 5 Star Dining, it is very rare that Uganda will come to your mind. But with economic growth and technological advancements, Kampala is gradually changing the definition of luxury dining and accommodation. One of the major key players is Skyz Hotel. A hotel that’s relatively new on the scene but one  that has amassed great reviews already. Last week I was keen on finding out what was so amazing about this new place and honestly I was blown away.

Follow this link to read more in depth about the hotel and it’s offerings.

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Skyz Hotel lives up to its name by situating itself on the highest hill in Kampala. It also boasts of having one of the few 5 Star Restaurants in Kampala called Chapter Two, which provides quite the dining experience. Chapter Two has a bright airy and luxurious feel to it.  Because pictures do not do it any justice, you should go see the exquisite restaurant yourself.

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At Chapter Two,  they have a vibrant and colorful menu that made it hard for me to select what I wanted to eat (I wanted to sample everything!). You can order from a range of their perfectly crafted salads for a light but fulfilling meal or you can go all in for a full three course meal.

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For starters, I ordered Thai sweet chilli soy chicken. It came with a very colorful mango salad. The chicken was tender and juicy and was perfectly seasoned. The sweet chili sauce helped bring all the flavors together really well. The salad was the perfect  cool and sweetness with a hint of tang which complimented the chicken well.  For the main meal,  I ordered goat stew. It came with chapati and steaming hot rice.  The goat meat was tender and flavorful. All this was washed down with a refreshing fruit juice cocktail.

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I had the chance to sit down with the restaurant’s  Sous Chef, Patrick. He explained that the menu is specifically crafted to cater to the hotel’s international client base. Most of the dishes on the menu are fusion which makes it interesting and definitely worth a try. Patrick, who was really fun to talk to, was generous enough to give us an exclusive kitchen tour.


Skyz Hotel has a fully functional kitchen with industrial grade equipment. The kitchen is divided into a hot kitchen; where all the hot food is prepared, a cold kitchen; where all cold food like salads are prepared and a pastry kitchen; where all the divine cakes and heavenly pastries are made. The kitchen has multiple cold rooms which are neatly sectioned to store meat, dairy, vegetables, fruits, and cooked food separately. All these the Sous Chef walked us through while explaining every big and small detail. The kitchen layout is functional enough to allow easy movement in and out. In addition to Patrick, all the  kitchen staff were really nice and warm which was a fantastic way to end the tour.

I had never stepped in a restaurant kitchen before so this was a pleasant dream come true.

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Visit Chapter Two to experience 5 Star dining at its finest.

They have Asian fusion night on Fridays  at 100,000 per person.


They have brunch on Sundays at 70,000 per person.


And since today is Valentine’s Day, there is a special offer. It will involve couple’s dinner and music from prominent Ugandan Musicians. It is at 300,000. This would be a great way to pamper your loved ones.

You can also choose to have dinner, music, bedroom and breakfast for $200USD.


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Banana Avocado Beet Smoothie

beet smoothie-AKIU

Do you ever get stuck with a certain ingredient and always wonder what to do with it?  So here is how this smoothie came to be. I have, for the longest time, eyed beet recipes online  and have always wondered how they taste. I was at Nakasero Market a few weeks ago and saw a lot of beets so out of curiosity I decide to buy  4 for 3000 shillings. I was excited to come home and taste this magical fruit (is it a fruit?). Once I sliced it, and had the first taste. I had mixed feelings. The bright color was just so beautiful but the earthy taste needed a little getting used to. I blended the first one and made a vegetable juice.  Lets just say that it took a lot of will power to get that juice down. About a week later I realised the beets are still in the fridge. I was trying to think of a way to make them more- you know- palatable.  So while making a blended juice of bananas, pawpaw, avocado and watermelon(??) I decided on impulse to throw in some thinly sliced beets.  It was the best decision ever. And until I discover another great way to prepare beets, this beet smoothie will be my best friend. The next time you find yourself with beets, try this smoothie. It is refreshing and what not a better way than to drink your fruits and vegetables!


What you will need:

1 Large ripe banana

½ Avocado

1-2 C. Pawpaw (papaya)

1 C. Watermelon

½ Beetroot


Cold water

beet smoothie-AKIU-3


  1. Wash and peel all fruits.
  2. Dice the fruits and place in  freezer overnight.
  3. In a blender, combine all fruits sugar and some water and blend till smooth and soft peaks have formed.
  4. Serve for breakfast or as cold beverage on a hot day.


Do you like beets? How do you eat them? Leave a comment below.



Whole Maize Porridge


Did you read that lengthy roundup I did last week? A lot of cooking has surely happened in this space. It is finally the rainy season and that means lots of warm comfortable food to eat and drink. So today I thought it a good idea to talk about porridge.  I grew up on porridge and I am sure most of you did too. When in nursery school, the best part of every day was being served porridge and bread at break time.  And because the weather is continuing to get wet gloomy and soggy, I believe a bowl of porridge will come in handy for the next few months. So why not learn the basics of making porridge. Again this is a basic recipe and I hope that once we have nailed the basics, we can get experimental. I cannot wait already.


Find recipe here