Green Mango Jam

green mango jam

Happy New Year Friends! It is overwhelming to think of all that has happened in the previous year and also a bitter-sweet feeling realizing 2015 is gone for good. I hope you have made the most out of it and if you haven’t, 2016 is a fresh new slate to write your story. I hope you write a memorable one.  Speaking of writing, I have not been writing here for the past one week because the holidays demanded much of my attention. How was Christmas? I spent mine making an epic brunch with recipes from here. Then staying up was the order of the day so as to catch the New Year. It still hasn’t hit home that it’s a brand new year. It never does for most of us! I am so grateful and honoured to still have you read these words here on this corner of the internet. I am so excited for what the New Year will bring. What are your resolutions for the year? I also have some exciting things in store for this blog right here. Stay tuned! And to start off the year on the bright side; I have been observing the mango seasons. Trees put on fruit in November and December and May and June. Which was exciting because it gave me time to experiment with the green mangoes before they ripened! Part of my resolutions is to have decent breakfast meals. This means waking up early and honestly I am not a morning person. But hey it doesn’t hurt to try. No? Because I want to have decent breakfast, I have been experimenting with home-made jam. Have you ever tried making your own jam? It is so gratifying, you should try it. Since mangoes have been all over, this green mango jam was born. With a great combo of tanginess and sweetness to it, it would be great to spread on every slice of bread, scones, cookies, etc.. I have been fighting the urge to not slather it on almost everything. But in all honesty, when you get your hands on some green mangoes, make a batch of this jam (you can even double it up) and have your mornings catered for. You are welcome!


What you will need:

2 C. Green Mangoes, peeled

½ C. Sugar

½ C. Water

¼ Tsp. Vanilla extract




Once the green mangoes are peeled, grate the mangoes till you get two cups. In a clean pan, Add the grated mangoes (make sure you add the mango juices too), the sugar water and vanilla extract. Boil the mixture. Once the mixture has boiled, reduce the fire and let it simmer till the water has completely reduced. Stir occasionally.  A thick  mixture will remain once the water has evaporated. Let the jam cool. Once completely cool, store in an air tight  jar/container and keep refrigerated.

Have a wonderful week and a prosperous new year!





9 thoughts on “Green Mango Jam

  1. God has placed so much gold all about us, green mangoes? Sophie thank you for inspiring us to touch around us, even to the seemingly simplest things … you make so much with them you know! Go gal… you deserve a great year! Have it in Jesus’ Name, Amen

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Barbara. It truly is amazing the abundance around us. It is my prayer to inspire fellow foodies through this blog. Thank you for the incredible support(It means a lot!). *hugs*


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