Garlic Dodo(amaranth) Stir-fry

Another dodo dish! I feel like I have overdone myself with dodo this year because I am learning to warm up towards this miracle vegetable/weed (not the illegal kind of course). As a child, I despised the taste but now that I realize the health benefits of eating dodo, I am preparing it in every which way. And there are more dishes coming as long as it rains and just because of the versatility (did I mention preparing it in every which way?). Slightly browned garlic in a little oil releases an aroma that enhances the flavor of dodo. The stir-frying method locks in all the flavors and moisture while at the same time not overly cooking the vegetable till its grey (because that will remove all the vitamins we are after). So I urge you to try this dodo. You will be amazed.






11 thoughts on “Garlic Dodo(amaranth) Stir-fry

  1. Hi Sophie…I’m so happy to land on your beautiful blog! I’ve never had dodo but I think I can grow some in the garden next year – you’ve certainly inspired me to try with this recipe. Looks delicious! I’m so looking forward to following along and learning more about Ugandan cuisine.

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