Nile Perch Groundnut Stew + Featuring On CNN African Voices

Scorching sun, dusty roads and paths, bags heavy with produce, stained faux marble counter tops, the struggle of cutting vegetables with a filleting knife, droopy eyes,  a million plus one thoughts in my head,  and the looming massive camera and lighting equipment. This was the situation we had when this stew was made. If you haven’t already guessed, this is the stew that I cooked in the CNN African Voices feature. It was hard for me to keep this as a secret from you guys because I wanted to see how you’d react when taken by surprise! Did I do well? I was overwhelmed by the response I got from all over the world. It truly is a humbling experience. All this would not have been possible without you reading this little corner. I am so grateful for all of you and hope you stay a little longer. And while you do, I hope you benefit from it too. Since I have calmed down from hyperventilating (A.K.A excitement and anxiety), I can now share this simple and easy to pull off stew.

When ever I am travelling back  and forth from the city, there are two specific places where we pass where fish is being sold. And by fish I don’t mean your typical palm-sized tilapia that costs 3000 to 4000 shillings (Now that I think about it, palms do vary in size, Oh well…), I mean Nile perch. Some days there will be a huge crowd waiting to buy the famed Nile perch (Mputa) because the size can vary from a palm’s length to larger than life. Yes they are that big. I remember once passing by in a taxi and straining my neck because the size of the perch was unbelievably large. The great thing is that right next to the fish mongers, there will be street cooks cooking up a storm of aromatic food but mostly fish (so just imagine passing by on an empty stomach). Because where fresh fish that good being sold, fried fish will be found too and boy is it good. Then there are days when the perch is scarce, so scarce that the only one available is cut into pieces and then each piece is sold at a price. Such are the seasons of Nile perch. Nevertheless, Nile perch is good (for a lack of a better word really!) and every Ugandan will tell you so. Because the fish is so fleshy and aromatic, we have a stew we pride ourselves in making. This stew consists of a thick groundnut paste, Nile perch, some vegetables and seasoning.







11 thoughts on “Nile Perch Groundnut Stew + Featuring On CNN African Voices

  1. LOVE it! You always manage to make me want to walk into the kitchen and start cooking Sophie 🙂 saw you on CNN African voices and felt so proud! Keep them coming!
    Have a great day,xx

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