Easy Sautéed Mukene

I finally got to share a mukene recipe. Mukene is so versatile it is a kitchen staple in our house. Mukene has gotten a bad name for the longest time and I was part of the craze. Firstly because of the fishy smell, secondly, the tiny bones that may or may not pierce you when you eat and thirdly, the bitter heads. All this is enough to make someone avoid mukene altogether. And I did for most of my child and teenage hood because ‘why cannot we just have real fish?’ was my constant argument. I realized though that it is a matter of perspective. As smelly as it is, mukene is filled with flavor on its own it doesn’t need a lot of ingredients. Plus after reading about its awesomeness here and here, you will be convinced to try it.







9 thoughts on “Easy Sautéed Mukene

  1. Hi Sophie,so glad I found this blog.I live in Nairobi Kenya and been trying to crack a recioe for mukene.This will help a lot and also keep sharing more recipes for us Ugandans not living at home so we don’t miss home food for a bit.

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