5 Ingredients: Watermelon Refresher

Light watermelon refresher that is great for those hot sticky scorching days.

Today is international women’s day and I got these two quotes to share with you.

 “A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.” – Melinda Gates

“A woman’s guess is much more accurate than a man’s certainty.” – Rudyard Kipling

As a woman, I believe there is so much that we are capable of even when society says otherwise. But in order for us to be able to do so, we need to unite forces and have each others backs, believe in each other and support each other. It is my hope and prayer this holiday that we all take time to look deep within our souls and search what out purpose is and use it to uplift fellow women and our society. Today, to celebrate the phenomenal women in our lives, I am sharing a  simple yet refreshing watermelon drink made with 5 ingredients that you can easily find. But first, I have an exciting new feature.

I have been thinking long and hard about introducing fun features here on the blog. First off is this new feature called 5 Ingredients... I will feature dishes, drinks, desserts and  recipes with strictly five ingredients. Because as elaborate as cooking can sometimes get, there needs to be dishes that can be made in less time.  I am already excited. Are you ready to join me in this challenge?

What you will need:





Ice cubes



Wash the fruits. Cut the watermelon into cubes. In a blender combine watermelon, water and sugar. Blend till smooth. Using a strainer, strain the juice till the large particles of the seeds are nonexistent.  Squeeze in the lemon juice. Serve with lots of ice cubes.

PS: I did not put any specific measurements because they do vary based on each individuals taste and preference.

Get creative. Happy Women’s day!





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