10 Recipes to Make for Mother’s Day

It is  five days to Mother’s Day. Mothers truly are magical beings considering all they have to go through and the sacrifices they make to make our lives better and comfortable. Mother’s day is the perfect way to spoil your mother in various ways. If you are thinking of going the food way, then you are at the right place.

You can treat her to breakfast in bed with:

These carrot fried eggs


These banana pancakes

Let her relax and make lunch for her…

With this  carrot cucumber ribbon salad with roasted simsim(sesame)

This stir-fried pasta(macaroni)

This stir-fried posho

Or  treat her to delicious wholesome burgers with these bean burger patties

Satisfy her sweet tooth with…

These rich and nutty honeyed sweet potato balls with simism(sesame)

These flaky red plum jam mini pies

Or these multiflavored chocolate glazed cassava balls

And finally let her wash down all that food with this lemon iced tea.


Now go make something for the mother and let her know how much you appreciate her and how truly special she is.

Happy Mother’s Day!





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