Sombe (Cassava Leaves) Soup


A lot of memories are associated with sombe for me. As a child it was a big chore to pound those green leaves. I always wondered why they were never eaten as they are because laziness I prefer uncut veggies sometimes. It still is a chore in a way but I understand more the process food has to go through to reach the table.


One thing I love about slow food is the whole process of conceiving the idea and then labouring to bring this idea to fruition. When you are immersed in the process of creating everything else will not matter. I like times when I get absorbed completely in making food and experiencing every little step . I like that sombe can give you that experience. From harvesting the cassava leaves, picking out the tender ones, pounding them, putting them on fire and watching as it cooks till it releases a great aroma.


If you have not tried sombe, you should because not only is it a great sauce to accompany foods like kalo, matooke, sweet potatoes (and anything else really!) but it is also great eaten on its own especially now that the rainy days are upon us.

This is not a detailed recipe but rather  my experience making sombe and I will give you a rough estimate based off of the knowledge that’s been passed down to me of what’s needed to recreate this amazing flavourful soup.


Find recipe here





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