Mujaja Tea

Mujaja- AKIU-4

Last week , as I was sitting glued to the computer for over 6 hours trying to finish editing a post that was supposed to go live the next day,  a sweet-smelling aroma wafted from the kitchen to where I was. And for a moment I could not make out what sweet-smelling plant that was. That’s when I realised that my cousin sister who had come earlier from school was coughing profusely and was advised to boil o’mujaja and ginger root then drink it to reduce the  incessant coughing. Then a though hit me. Why haven’t I ever made anything with mujaja at all?  Considering the fact that we take it as tea almost every day and it is right in front of our yard.

The following days, after that realisation, turned out to be really moody foggy and chilly. Days when you wish you could stay in bed longer and have warm breakfast in bed too! I made mujaja tea consecutively and I had to share with you my friends. Not only is mujaja medicinal but it also has a sweet-smelling aroma that is hard to beat. According to Google, the scientific name of Mujaja is Ocimum suave Willd. But I was thinking it is too  complicated of a name. Let us stick with Mujaja instead, shall we?

Mujaja- AKIU

Now I don’t think mujaja is sold in markets (I am yet to find out) for it is a weed that grows among shrubs. This is no recipe in a way. I just wanted to share how I prepare it so the next time you come across it you will give it a try.

Find Recipe here





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