Pawpaw And Cream Mini Parfaits Topped With Passion Fruit

papaya parfait-AKIU-7

Hey friends, Anyone recovering from last weekend? So, God willing, I maybe graduating this October! Ever since I started school I have been planning a fabulous party in my head. You know, with cool decorations, fun guests, and most importantly amazing food. Because food is at the heart of every party in my books! Don’t you think so too?I always talk about how easy the recipes here are to make ( they really are!) but these parfaits top the list of my quick, easy to make but absolute tasty treats. While I was making these mini parfaits, everyone who tasted them gave positive raves and then a light bulb moment hit. Wouldn’t it be awesome to serve these to guests at a party? Not only are they amazing sweets but they add a happy pop of colour. The secret ingredient is Paramount Fresh Cream because it binds all flavors and textures together. With Paramount Fresh Cream, the possibilities are endless! I had fun photographing these little parfaits too because of the rich colour and textures. How its done, you wonder? It is just layering crushed biscuits, simsim, cream, pawpaw (papaya) and repeat till you have delectable mini desserts instantly. Make these in less than 30 minutes and you will have impressed guests all throughout.

papaya parfait-AKIU-3

What you will need:
500 Ml. Paramount Fresh Cream
500 Gm. Biscuits
1 Papaya
1/2 C. Roasted simsim (sesame seeds)
3 Passion fruits



  1. The papaya has to be very ripe to be scoop-able.
  2. The cream is not sugared. If you prefer a sweeter dessert, add  sugar to the cream.
  3. Using clear drinking glasses will bring out the colours of the parfait.
  4. The parfait is best served chilled. To avoid sogginess, chill the individual ingredients, except the biscuits and simsim, before assembling them.
  5. You may need more biscuits depending on the size of your glasses.

papaya parfait SM collage 3


  1. Cut the papaya into half. Using a spoon carefully remove the seeds. Scoop out the flesh and put in a bowl.
  2. Using a paper bag, crush the biscuits till they are like coarse breadcrumbs.
  3. Scoop out pulp from three passion fruits in a cup and set aside.
  4. To assemble: Place one spoonful of crushed biscuit into the glass. Top with simsim. Next add cream then top with Pawpaw. Top with biscuit, then cream and then pawpaw again. Sprinkle some simsim and garnish with a scoop of passion fruit. Repeat the process till all glasses are filled.
  5. Makes 12+ small glasses.


Its like having cake in a cup. These disappear in a flash. You will be lucky if you have some saved up.

papaya parfait-AKIU-5



PS: Use #AkitchenInUg to share your creations. Also I have created a Facebook group where we can share our daily creations. I invite you to join so we can get conversations centred around food started.


This post is made possible by Paramount Dairies. You can find Fresh Cream and more cream and cheese products in major supermarkets in Kampala. 


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