Jack Fruit Scones


It is jack fruit season around here and I wanted to make something different from it other than the usual fruit salad. I got the basic scone recipe here and I tried it adding chopped jack fruit.  The scones came out very nicely I couldn’t help but share them. They are super flaky and yum  and have an irresistible aroma. I am definitely gonna have to make more! This is my first recipe post so let me know what you think.

What are your creations this holiday?




3 thoughts on “Jack Fruit Scones

  1. hello, Sophie! i am in Houston, Texas, USA, and i am in love with jackfruit! i recently purchased a good sized, round slice at an american grocery store, and fell hopelessly in love with this amazing fruit. i did a great deal of research before i bought a whole ripe fruit, and last night, i cleaned him up.

    i have a great deal of fruit, and a couple of pounds of rags (which i plan to use in a savoury dish). i was thinking what to do with it all, and scones popped into my head. i never imagined i would find someone whom had done the same thing; i imagined i would have to simply go it alone. i see that you did what i though i would have to do, but i have the benefit of your experience to guide me–thank you!

    it is days like this that i am happy to be alive in the time of the Internet. never before would a woman from Uganda be able to share her recipe with a woman in Houston, whom she head never met…it is almost like we visit the same community centre, and i found your message on a cork-board.

    hello, and thank you!

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