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Today is my gorgeous and beautiful best friend’s birthday! And I’m so excited for her. So instead of writing a birthday message, I decided to write about her in this post.

I and Manda go a long way. We met in 2009 in high school and the memory of our first encounter is still fresh in my mind. This brings me to today’s topic. Friendship.

In this first paced world of cyber hangouts, media and social networks, it is hard to tell who is a real friend and harder to find one. It is hard to find a person who will like you for who you really are and not for what you are, what you have become or what you are yet to become. We are now living in an era where people accumulate ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ on great social networks. It is true that you can be surrounded by a thousand people but still feel alone. What we don’t realize though is that there are real people out there. People who are willing to be friends but we look past them all branding them as people who don’t understand us. Maybe we haven’t taken time to get out there or maybe we have taken those who would have been friends for granted. Whatever the reason, we have to look within ourselves and see where the problem is.  Because when we do, it will be much easier to relate to people and make  real good friends.

My challenge this holiday is to make my friends feel loved and I am gonna have to do that in many different ways because I have realized that if I want a friend, I have to get out there and be one.

Happy Birthday Manda!

Don’t you ever forget that Aku Cinta Kamu!


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