Goodbye 2012


Wow! I can’t believe that the year has really gone by so fast. It was like yesterday when we were celebrating 2012’s new year.

This year has been a very special one to me(all years are special in a way) because it has been a time when I have had to look within and bring the best out of myself and I am still on the journey.

It has been a year where i have had to make up my mind and focus on the future and what is best from me

We all have expectations. I had a lot for this year(including the worlds end!) but I have realized that life is unexpectedly expected. I had dreams and goals but most of them never really came true due to unknown circumstances.

What is left behind is left behind. This year is over. We had our chance to it and how I used up mine, I wish I could have done more. Another year is coming. A year of more opportunity and how we choose to use up the new year is entirely up to us… to either make the most of it or sit back and watch it pass us by.

 Remember, everything happens for a reason!

Happy New Year



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