Stuffed Pumpkin Luwombo – A Dish that Inspired a Career in Food | Our Food Stories Ep. 06

In episode 6, special guest Chef Douglas Lumala shares a cherished and loved stuffed pumpkin dish and how it inspired him to pursue a career in the food industry. In this story we get an insight into how the popular food preparation method of luwombo is carried out. Listen Below:

Useful Terms (in Luganda):

*Luwombo – A traditional Ugandan dish cooked within a tempered banana leaf. Plural – Mpombo

*Nsujju – Pumpkin

*Ndagala – Banana leaves used to wrap luwombo

*Luwombo leaf – Tempered young and tender banana leaf used to cook luwombo

*Ebyaayi – Banana fibers used to tie luwombo

*Ekibbo – Woven basked used in preparing food

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