Introduction to Food in Buganda Part. 1 | Our Food Stories Ep. 07

In this episode, special guest Enid Nansubuga takes us through a crash course on some of the foods enjoyed in the central region of Buganda. This episode is part 1 of 2 so watch out for part 2 in the follow-up episode.

Note: In Uganda, soup, sauce, and stew are interchangeable and they mostly mean a rich hearty stews. Some names of the foods Enid mentions are in Luganda and if you know the English equivalent, let us know by reaching out to us on the socials using #ourfoodstoriesUg

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Would you like to contribute or know someone interested in contributing to this podcast? Kindly email or send us a DM on Instagram @akitcheninuganda. Connect with us on the socials using #ourfoodstoriesUg


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