Jack fruit Jam

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A lot of jack fruit has been happening eaten lately. I am sure to find out if it is the season or if we just got lucky. One great thing though is that we are more than excited that we can finally harvest from our backyard tree after more than five years of waiting. So I got to work because work is involved in eating jack fruit. From cutting to removing the individual pieces and then removing seeds while making sure you are not sucked in by the sap -> Pure joy! I started out with Jack fruit scones (which I will be sharing soon in a project I am working on). Since there was still a lot of jack fruit left, an idea to make jam hit too and here we are. This jam is so good. The perfect pungent sticky sweetness with a slight spicy kick from the ginger and your mornings will never be the same! Did I mention it is as easy to make as 123? Because sometimes we need hustle free cooking in our lives. Make this jam and you are good to go for more than a week.

What you will need:

1 C. Fully ripe jack fruit

½ C. Sugar

1 C. Water

½ Tsp. Ginger powder



  1. Finely dice the jack fruit and set aside.
  2. In a clean pan, combine diced jack fruit with sugar, water and ginger powder. Bring the mixture to a boil.
  3. Once it has boiled, reduce the fire to medium and let the mixture simmer till the jack fruit is almost translucent and the water has reduced to half.
  4. Remove from fire and let the jam cool. Store in a jar and keep refrigerated for three weeks.


Now all we need is bread. Also you can double (or triple) the recipe and give the jam out as gifts to friends!

Have a great week




2 thoughts on “Jack fruit Jam

  1. i cannot wait to try your recipe! preserves/jam was the first idea i had, scones the second! you and i are on a similar wave-length, i believe!

    congratulations on having your own producing tree!!! i was just saying yesterday that in a perfect world, i would grow a handful of crops, jackfruit being #3 of the primary first 5.

    would you consider publishing photos of your tree, as well as any further recipe ideas you have developed in the past nearly year?

    this is just so fun for me…being able to share jackfruit recipes with someone so far away! i am genuinely surprised there are not more jackfruit recipes on the ‘Net. thank you, again!


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