Three Drinks To Make With Mangoes

As much as the rain is still upon us, the sun still shines almost every day. Some days can be mild and some days can be scorching. The good thing about weather like this is the blessings that come with it. The fresh produce (I’m sure I have mentioned it before), air and many more things that we take for granted. Fruits are in season. Especially the mangoes and it is a wonderful moment…almost bitter sweet. Being surrounded by all types and sizes of mangoes either from local markets, street vendors or mere mango trees. It brings out the beauty of fresh fruit.

The feeling of plucking(more of stoning really!) a fresh fruit from a tree and eating it as it is(after washing), juicing it or simply making something really good out of it is so satisfying. I hope you find this mango season a blessing…a satisfying blessing. There are a few drinks I have made on the blog here and I was thinking with all these abundant mangoes, why can’t we substitute them and get drinking or sipping. So here are three drinks to make with mangoes.

Papaya slushie


Lemongrass flavored passion fruit juice


DSC09347tAvocado shake


By simply substituting the fruit in the recipe for mangoes, you can have the goodness of mangoes. Hope you get juicing.

What other ways are you eating your mangoes? Also, what one thing do you love about this weather?





PS: Currently I am trying to make ice cream…or something like it. Will let you know soon.


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