Banana Ice-cream Parfait

I have been shying away from making desserts in general because I think (and believe) they are a lot of work. Seriously! Until I came across a parfait. I used to feast my eyes on picture perfect Pinterest parfaits. Thinking, ‘who has time to do this elaborate dessert anyway’? Then someone simplified it by saying you just layer things in a tall glass. I was sold. I wrote it down on my list of foods to make because I was itching to make this supposedly easy parfait. Usually a parfait calls for yoghurt and as much as it is cheaper than ice-cream, I wanted this dessert to be fancy.


Funny story. One day we set out to create an ice-cream cake and we prepared everything. When it was time to arrange the biscuits and the ice-cream, we discovered the ice-cream was mostly foamy. How disappointing. Whenever we spooned it on top of a biscuit, it would just melt to the side and instantly become liquid. After that experience, I decided a parfait might as well be the right thing to do with ice-cream until I find one best suited for an ice-cream cake.

What you will need:

200gm Biscuits

500ml Ice-cream

1 Banana, fully ripe

A handful of roasted groundnuts(peanuts)



In a bowl, crush biscuits till coarse and set aside. Peel the banana and thinly slice it crosswise then set aside. Coarsely crush the groundnuts and set aside. Prepare two tall glasses. Spoon ice-cream in (one spoon) the first glass. Next add a spoon of crushed biscuit on top of the ice-cream. Next add banana slices. Repeat the process till the glass is  full. Finish with a generous amount of ice-cream  then top with crushed roasted groundnuts. Repeat the process for the second glass. Chill the parfaits in the fridge for 5 minutes. Garnish with mint(or anything else) and serve.


What you get is a mixture of flavors and textures. It’s really good! Its basic but i am excited to try out new combinations in the future. The ice-cream melts fast so it soaked up all the other ingredients in the photo shooting moment. I realize this is way past valentines but, hey, you can still make this for your loved one(s).

Have a great week




PS:I used strawberry flavored ice-cream and coconut flavored biscuits.


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