Curry Termite Mushroom Soup


Happy December! I am sitting here wondering where 2016 went! Honestly as you grow older the years go by faster!

It is raining a lot and rainy season means mushroom foraging because the conditions are favourable for the fungi to grow. It is actually quite exciting to randomly find a mushroom while taking a walk. Two weeks ago we got a midnight call to go harvest termite mushrooms (which I have talked about here). Yes they are that rare and special.  I have childhood memories of picking these mushrooms. It was always a special treat to eat them because they appear randomly during the rainy season and if you can spot them you are a winner. Termite mushrooms are mostly used for soup. Now we Ugandans like using curry powder a lot. A LOT.  Flavouring this soup with curry was only natural. The curry adds to the distinct earthy flavor these mushrooms have. The dried version of these mushrooms is sold in most supermarkets but nothing beats fresh food! I realise I have been sharing quite a number of soups and stews lately. It is only because they are the order of the day.



Find recipe here






6 thoughts on “Curry Termite Mushroom Soup

    1. Hello Julie. Thank you for your comment. Please follow the link that says “Find recipe here”. It will bring an opt in where you will get an ebook with even more recipes when you sign up. All the best.


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