Stir-Fried Dodo Rice

I am always on the unending process of perfecting my dream  breakfast meals and I still have got a long way to go, I believe. This may be another rice dish, but it’s quite a breakthrough for me. Here is why: When I was a young child, I disliked eating vegetables(haven’t we all?) most especially dodo and somehow this ‘dislike’  has followed me to adulthood. But recently I have decided to challenge myself to make eating dodo much more fun. Especially now that it is raining, dodo is springing up everywhere and it is so beautifully soft, lush and tender.  This is one way of preparing left over rice with dodo. You can find the previous recipe here. What you will need:

2 C. Left over rice

Two handfuls of dodo (Amaranthus)

1 Small tomato, chopped

1 Onion

Cooking oil

Salt Method

In a bowl, crumble the rice and set aside. Wash and coarsely chop the dodo.  Chop the onion and set aside. In a hot sauce pan, add cooking oil and wait for it to get hot. Add the onions and stir them till slightly brown. Next, add the chopped tomato and dodo and keep stirring till they turn a bright green. Add the rice and keep stirring for 3 minutes. Finally add the salt and stir for another minute then remove from fire.  Serve hot with a fried egg and a cup of tea or a glass of fresh juice.

How do you prepare dodo? Let’s chat in the comments section below.




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