Beef Stock Congee.

How the congee happened: I first saw the recipe in a issuu magazine and fell in love.I mean surely congee couldn’t be hard to make now. I believe it to be a warm ‘comfort food’ rice soup and I totally heart comfort food. One thing about comfort food is that it is simple to make and the taste is still delectable. Good news is, it really is easy to make. It is just like counting from one to three… at least I think so. Hehe!
What you’ll need:

1 C Rice
3 C Beef stock
5 C Water
1 Tbsp Salt

Ina fairly large pot, combine the rice, the stock and two cups of water. Let boil while stirring occasionally. When the water starts to dry out, add the remaining water(you may need to add more or less…depending on the consistency you desire) and let boil till it is thick and gooey but not completely dry.

Serve in large bowls with garnish you desire.  Be creative (I (we) used three kinds of garnishes as you can see and the first one (above) had a savory intense and hot flavor while  the second and third (below) had mild crunchy feelings.)!!

Told you it was easy! Now go and make some congee
PS: I used stock from boiled beef
PPS: If you don’t fancy beef, you can substitute the stock with any other

Have a great week





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