Making Dreams Come True


First of all, I want to say this is a random Thursday post. Second of all I want to say this is going to get emotional. Be warned. Lets get to the point now, shall we?

I personally consider it a dream come true to be able to (finally!!!) food blog(you have no Idea!). And for that I am humbled and very grateful for the privilege. I believe it is a wonderful thing to dream, dream big and think of changing the world. I have my own zillion dreams running through this head right now. And wouldn’t it be a fly idea to know some one somewhere out there would be willing wholeheartedly to help make your dream come true? I have had my own ups  and downs in dreamland  but what makes the difference between mere dreamers and doers is that doers act upon their dreams. I have a dear friend called Louise whose dream,to travel the world, makes her lie awake and she would like your support in helping this dream come true. Please click this link to go to the page with full details of how you can help make dreams come true. As much as i acknowledge the fact that not all my dreams may not come true(and I am learning to be cool with it), it gives greater joy and a sense of satisfaction knowing I have made someones dream come true.

So, please, I humbly request you all to help dreams come true by either donating or spreading the word.

PS: you can go to the page by clicking on the image or the highlighted links.




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