Pumpkin Cookies

I first discovered Indochine kitchen at the beginning of this year and by now I can say it is my official Indonesian food directory. Lots of nostalgic memories are brought back when I discover familiar looking foods and then sheer happiness when I realize I can actually try them. Lately we have been inhaling chilli(Soo Much!). You should definitely check it out. Wait…we’re talking Pumpkin cookies eh!!

Whenever there is a new ingredient in the kitchen, my mind get crazy with recipe possibilities. Does this happen to you? A couple of weeks ago, we happened to be having pumpkin and cashew nuts at the same time and I thought does a pumpkin cookie exist and the rest, as they say, is history. So maybe I got way too excited but I had much hope in this thing materializing I bought chocolate to fancy everything up! I can’t say they were a fail even though they I actually failed to achieve the cookie feel(?!?!). I will just let you in on what went down.

I used:

2 ½ C mashed (boiled) pumpkin

¾ C Butter/Margarine

3 Tbsp Sugar

A pinch of salt

½ Tsp Vanilla extract

2 C baking flour

¼ C Crushed chocolate

¼ C Crushed cashew nuts


Mixed all ingredients in their listed order. Dropped the dough by spoonful on greased cookie sheet (in my case oven toaster sheet) and baked for 10-15 minutes  or until the cookies started browning on the sides(but not burnt). Makes about two dozens.

Funny thing is after making these I went online and actually found out that the pumpkin cookie does exist. But it felt great making everything from scratch.  The result was a sweet smelling really soft and chewy cookie… and for some reason I didn’t like it that much. But surprisingly everyone else did. So maybe I might have to make this again someday…you know for the sake of everyone else or when I just happened to have pumpkin or cashews around. But hey, that’s one experiment down!

What are you planning to experiment on this week?



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