Why The Move

Today is the end of July. WOW! This year is flying by soo fast.

In the beginning of June, I moved this blog from my old url (which was by the way myfullname.wordpress.com) to this new url here.  During the months of April through June, I had suffered (more than) writers block  and was toying around with the idea of quitting the blog all together. It lacked a sense of direction. So after a much-needed break from it all (thus the random absences from April to June), I decided to transfer everything to a new url and have a fresh start.

If you read my About page, you will notice that I truly want to be in the food business(I may not necessarily be a chef because I realize it might be too late now…) and I have said it over and over again in my blog posts. If you have been reading this blog for quite a while now you will notice the change from random posts to more food related posts and recipes and pinterest pins. I have decided to not quit the blog(thankfully) and decided to have a direction as a foodie ( because from childhood I have been interested in food) and I believe I have something new to bring to the blog world(food-wise?!?!) because every recipe has a story behind it.

I will be food posting  once a week and then some randomness on Thursday. I am still new to this because I have realized nothing is easy. From purchasing the ingredients to shooting the finished products(I don’t have a camera of my own). I also realize life will be life. Some things might not work out and that’s OK. At least I will  have tried. But I have also learned to live in the NOW.

So, once again, this blog is a personal journal of experiments tried, failed and succeeded all in the name of being a foodie. And hopefully someday I will write that cookbook or own that restaurant(fingers crossed)!





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