Molokoni: A Nutrient Rich Cow Hoof Soup | Our Food Stories Ep. 14

Episode 14 introduces us to Molokoni. A slow-cooked cow hoof soup that originates from both the Acholi in northern Uganda and the Itesot in eastern Uganda. Special guest Sophia Aniku shares with us the first time she had molokoni and how she has come to enjoy it over time. The dish is served in the majority of the kafunda joints and is known to many as nutritious comfort food.

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3 thoughts on “Molokoni: A Nutrient Rich Cow Hoof Soup | Our Food Stories Ep. 14

  1. Nice! First of all, shout out to Sophie Aniku, so glad she was able to share her experience eating the the great “Emolokonyi” (the Iteso add an “e”. Well we add “e’s” to everything).

    I had a good laugh listening to a different perspective on this tasty dish because I grew up eating cow hoof and to say I loved it is an understatement – the adage “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” is real.

    Emolokonyi is always on my “must eat” list when I come home (I live in the diaspora), so yeah, thanks for the story. It’s also great to know that more people around Kampala are getting into cow hoof. Thumbs up!
    I don’t know what cooking technology is used to whip up this meal quick-quick because growing up it took an entire day to get soft-falling-off-the-bone emolokonyi. It was cooked in a pot to keep the aroma and soften it up real good because a saucepan really wouldn’t do.

    All that to say, thanks for the memory and here’s to eating more emolokonyi 🙂

    Thanks for the podcast, keep it rolling.

    PS: The people from Teso are Iteso. A man “Etesot”, a woman “Atesot”.
    Also discovered that the people of East Asia eat cow hooves, ofals, ebyenda, everything – even the cows tongue so…:-)

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