Tamarind Tonic

When you discover that a concoction of tamarind, ginger, honey,  lemon and warm water does wonders to your body, you try as much as possible to make it part of your morning routine. And when you realize soda can be made at home, you excitedly experiment away. This is a result of taking the said concoction for way too long that you wonder what else it can be. I introduce to you this exciting tamarind tonic. Without the gin though because we are all about nonalcoholic fun! 

This drink is as simple as boiling tamarind, ginger, honey, squeezing in some lemon juice, letting it cool completely and adding tonic water. Et voilà! 

What you will need

1 C. Tamarind, peeled

1Tsp. Ginger, grated

2 C. Water

Tonic water

2 Tbsp. Honey

Juice of 1 lemon


In a clean pan, add water, tamarind, ginger and honey. Bring to a boil. Keep stiring so that the tamarind flesh dissolves in the water. 

Once all the water has changed color and the tamarind flesh is off, remove from fire. Let the juice cool. Sieve the juice.  Add lemon juice and tonic water. Serve chilled. 

Your weekend plans should involve this healthy tonic!


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