Lets Talk: UG Street Food

There is something about street food that is so mind-blowing. I believe street food is where you get the most random flavors…all which stick to the back of your mind. The thing about street food is that you totally have no idea who is preparing it(you are probably not going to speak to or see that person ever again!) and where it comes from but just trusting your instincts and dropping the ‘clean-freak’ for once, you indulge. Often times the taste is way beyond what words can describe (true story). The other day I was talking to my sister and she said that the best way to taste a region/country’s food is by going to the streets and indulging in the street food. It doesn’t hurt if it is done once, right? One thing is for sure though, it is definitely addicting (is that the right word?).

So today, I dare you to try some street food… OK. Maybe not, but I want to know, what street foods do you like here in Uganda and why?
My favorite by the way is fried Cassava, pancakes, rolex, roast maize/corn and mandazi. Talk about carb overload!

Seriously though, comment below to share street foods you like here in Uganda and why.




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