African Food

UntitledIts been over three months since I started this food-blogging journey and boy have I learned a lot. Clearly in the beginning I didn’t know what I was getting myself into! One thing I have noticed recently  is the fact that almost all food that identifies with this nation is made with ingredients fresh from the garden (read: Not processed). I have come to appreciate the fact that in a day’s meal, there will be a dish that is made entirely from ingredients from the backyard. I have been enjoying cooking with cherry tomatoes,maize(corn), spring onions, freshly grown rosemary, lemon grass and the classic amaranthus that will always be readily available. It brings a whole new meaning to food and its benefit to the human body. I guess that is one thing that will always be special about African food. It is an amazing and fulfilling experience. Another thing I noticed, a theme carried throughout African cooking is that we Africans are lovers of comfort food. And maybe the word comfort is relative but one thing is for sure we love comfortable hearty meals. From the south to the west  and from the north to the east you will realize that food is meant to be enjoyed. And this is a good thing really because it is what sets us apart (read: unique) from everything else. The fact that more than often times, local fresh ingredients are used is incredible in its self because you end up shooting two birds with one arrow. Right? Having hearty filling meals before you made with the freshest and possibly most organic ingredients available! I am incredibly humbled to be eating this kind of food almost on a daily basis. So this post right here is written in appreciation for the African cuisine. I have been wandering in the blog world and have discovered amazing blogs lately that showcase African cooking. If you have time, don’t hesitate to check them out.

Talking to Nelly

Dobby’s Signature

Chef Afrik

Foodie in the Desert

A Hungry African

What have you discovered about African cuisine that is so intriguing?

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4 thoughts on “African Food

  1. Hello Sophie! I am so pleased I have found you! I have recently graduated in African Studies and just started my own food blog (I used to have a blog about my studies before), so finding yours is just double inspiration!! I love your African recipes and beautiful photos! Keep up the great work, I will be following you!

    Kind regards from an Italian in Sweden 😉

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