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Despite the vastness of the  blogworld, one way or another, we still find genuine people. People who value life, friendships and aren’t afraid to acknowledge that life is full of imperfections but still press on to become better people. It is people like these that make blogging worth it because we know we can relate  one way or another. I have been reading Ronnie’s blog for a long time and she inspires me to be a better person. Here is her view on LOL.


lol for blog

Hi! My name is Sharon Clause but my friends call me Ronnie, hence my blog, freely ronnie ;] To share a little bit about myself, I am currently a senior in college, a part time nanny, and a full time dreamer. My loves in life are fresh air, messy hair, my heated blanket, juice, and books full of truth. My dislikes in life are rushed mornings, stereotypes, chapped lips, my recent discovery that I can’t eat gluten, and weekends without adventure.

As someone who has dedicated my life (and blog) to pursuing a free and authentic lifestyle, I have definitely experienced both the triumphs and failures of attempting to live on the outside as who I am on the inside. Our society places so much pressure on us to produce a certain amount of valuable material while looking a certain way and absorbing a certain mindset. It is this very culture that we live in that motivates me to run in the opposite direction.

Similarly, the exact blogosphere that I am a part of today is the same environment that first sucked me into an endless downward spiral of insecurity and negativity towards myself, my closet, my body, my wealth, etc. I fear that many blogs have turned into just another #filtered facebook status that strives to spotlight the perfections and conceal the less than ideal. To me, this is not living out loud. It’s living life as a magazine…cutting and pasting the perfectly posed parts for all to see and hiding the rest under the carpet.

I have come to believe in a life without physical, emotional, or mental chains. I believe in a life that is authentic and at times, transparent. I believe in a life full of truth. And I believe in a life with the purpose of serving, blessing, and encouraging others… no matter the personal cost.

In an effort to pursue this life, I find inspiration within my own dreams and desires.Going to other blogs or pinterest for inspiration doesn’t originate from you and is therefore, not a full reflection of who you are. So I find inspiration from nature, from pieces of art, from my past, my struggles, and my achievements. My friends, my fears, my discoveries, and my cravings. In order for you to live a life out loud, I’d suggest doing the same. Because in order to live an authentic life outwardly, you first have to know and love who are you are the inside. Have alone time frequently. Get to know yourself. And I promise, you’ll find out that you are far more inspiring than you probably think.

Live freely. Live out loud.


Thanks Ronnie for being a part of this. You can find Ronnie on her blog  Freely Ronnie



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