LOL with Nelly Thoithi


Hello once again. May is proving to be productive and I couldn’t be happier. This month’s LOL guest is my very own neighbor Nelly who blogs over at Whispery Wind. Nelly has a vibrant personality that shines through her blog. Take a look at her concept of living out loud.

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  1. Full NameNelly Wamuyu Thoithi
  2. Occupation
    Student- 3rd year Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town
  3. Likes and dislikes. Likes-Chocolate, music, sunrises and sunsets, the beach, fragrances and aromatherapy, shoes, accessories (beaded and bright), poetry, nature, the out doors, healthy food, photography (enthusiast), blogging, BANANAS. My love for bananas is quite unhealthy really. I like a lot of things. J
  4. Dislikes- I also dislike a lot of things. LOL. I do not like smelly people/ things. I hate rude and obnoxious behaviour. Most insects (except bees, flies, spiders and ants}; anything else creeps me out. I hate slugs and lizards. They scare me. I dislike beetroot and black beans. I hate physics. I dislike poverty; it makes me sad that there is such economic disparity. I HATE mornings.


  1. What do you understand by living out loudLiving unapologetically. Living to inspire, be seen and to make a difference (a positive difference) in other people’s lives, in my community, in my family, with the people I interact with.
  2. Any life changing moment that made you  seriously evaluate how you are living?Not really. Although I did have an emotional slump in second year when I was filled with doubts and discouragement. I realised I had to toughen up and make a conscious decision to be joyful even when there is no reason to be.
  3. What/who inspires you the most?
    I draw a lot of encouragement from the Bible. My mother is also a strong pillar of support in my life. I get inspired when I see people pushing boundaries in little or big ways.
  4. What advice do you have for fellow seekers of LOL out there?  Do you. But remember not to be selfish in your doing you. A bit of a paradox, but true.


Thanks  Nelly for being a part of this.




LOL with Taylor Robbins

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Hello lovely people. It is April(duh!) and  its raining here like crazy! This month’s LOL guest is Taylor of Simple Grounds. She is an amazing person whose love for Jesus Christ is absolutely inspiring. I also love the fact that she is a realistic person.I am completely honored to have her here to share  her view of living out loud.

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Hello, lovely readers! I’m Taylor, the writer over at Simple Grounds. I’m a young lady living, working, and experiencing life in Houston, Texas. When I’m not outside or spending time with my incredible boyfriend, I am a hostess and a photographer, as well as a full-time student. I am pursuing my English degree, in hopes to become an English teacher. Got to love grammar, right? I also just recently started an online, vintage shop called Ruth Vintage. You could say I’m a pretty busy lady. I am a simple lady who loves the outdoors, I drink coffee like it’s water, and I love to create, write, and be silly.

When Sophia asked me to share how I live out loud, the first thing that came to my mind was my reckless abandon for my faith. I have never thought about how I am ‘living out loud,’ but I believe my faith is the first thing I talk about and the last thing I want you to remember. As I mentioned, I am constantly doing things. Between essays, vintage clothing, photos, and a job, I am always moving. My one goal is that I am continuously representing my faith, being an active figure for the Gospel, and always encouraging and loving in the process. Without that balance in a chaotic, broken life, I would be meaningless. I would be yet another face to many projects and jobs. Without that abandon to my faith, my dreams would be so selfish and fickle. When I graduated high school and began pursuing my passions and callings, I realized that anything, and I mean anything, not done in love is worthless. Any job, any goal, any creative art is completely worthless without a purpose. And to me, purpose is the essence of living out loud. When you read my blog or visit me at work, I hope my presence yells “purpose.” I hope, in humility, I can be a living example of a life lived for purpose. My biggest role model and image of living this life is Jesus himself. No other model can represent the very essence of purpose like Him. Love God, love others, and be kingdom-minded. In everything I do, this is the goal. With that in mind, this life of living out loud follows. Being courageous, taking risks, having joy and love, it all comes from that childlike faith in loving the Lord.

If you are seeking this, this essence in your life, I can say that nothing greater will come than knowing your Creator. After four years, it has changed my life and I dare not look back.

Have purpose and live with abandon.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThanks Taylor for sharing with RB readers.

Guys be sure to check our Taylor’s inspiration and life filled blog here and her new shop here

LOL With Sophia Musoki

sophielol Caught you by surprise there ehh?! March is upon us! How time flies(I should probably absolutely stop saying this). Since I have just turned 20, I thought it would be nice to really put down my view of living out loud on paper here. I have been incredibly blessed and inspired by all the amazing people who have taken up this challenge and I am sure you too have one way or another. Its time to let you in on my view. lol for blog Hi! My name is Sophia Musoki (I’m sure you already know!) and so far I am in my senior year of college/university taking  a BBA in Entrepreneurship. I like singing loudly (really loud because I am trying to improve my vocals ha!) at home, and listening to music and trying to sing along. Writing is my sanity, I love food– making it actually, photography, shift dresses, a good book is a must, oh and I like (love) brainstorming just for the sake of it. I don’t like feeling restless, procrastinating(which I do a lot!), afternoon sun (it burns!), having classes at 2 pm (the horror of dozing!) and having to pretend. Living out loud to me means learning to embrace the imperfections in life, Learning to love your self and appreciating the people and little things in life, the journeys taken and having complete trust in God to take charge. It means living without constraints but wisely, and not following the norm because everybody else is. I would like to live a life that I will look back some 60 years later and smile and laugh at all the things I did knowing it was all worth it. One thing that really opened my eyes to the way that I was living was when I had to change my major (Hotel and Restaurant Management) in my pursuit of being a chef someday to taking business (something I always despised when I was younger ha!). I realized that life is not guaranteed and the only way is to make the most of it. I have lived in communities where you have to put on a good-girl image because that’s what everyone wants to see and in a way it has shaped my mind to think that going with the norm is the most appropriate way to live. One thing is for sure though, I have failed. I have terribly failed at being perfect and being what the society wants me to be. The other day I was reading my journal written when I was thirteen and I realized I was so harsh to myself. I never fit in with the kids at school, at church and almost anywhere and I would blame myself for being such a ‘loser’ because I don’t fit in with the cool kids. It saddened my heart to realize I thought of myself this way. But with the realization that I have always failed, failed at being what people want me to be or following the norm has brought a sense of calmness in me, a sense of satisfaction and realization that it is ok not to be like everybody else. That it ok has to be the odd one out because after all, all my life I have always been the odd one.  When I changed my major, I thought my ultimate dream of being a chef was shattered, but in a way a brand new door was opened for me and a lot of blessings, learning and growth have come along with being an entrepreneur. With this realization, I am determined to take life as it is, aspire to be what God wants me to be, appreciate the little(and big) things that life has to offer, embrace who I am and wait on God, always! I am inspired by people who are honest, carefree and have strong relationships with God.  People who strive to live extraordinary lives and are artistic in nature. People who are not afraid to share themselves(I am a reserved person naturally but I’m trying to open up in this space) because in one way or another they realize that we are all human, go though the same problems and we all seek healing through genuine friendships and relationships. I believe in a good story and a story to be cutting edge, it has to have ups and downs, highs and lows. It has to have flaws in it; it has to have sad/unhappy moments in it for the happy moments to be significant. You don’t have to follow the norm because everybody else is doing so. When you branch out, that is when you truly realize what your true potential, strengths and weaknesses. You get to know yourself better. DSC05088 Well that is all I have to say. I would like to thank all you lovely people who have contributed to this series. To read more LOL stories, click on the LOL page above.