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Since I am we are still in the mood for celebrating, I wanted to share a few things I have learned through blogging. As the saying goes ‘Experience is the best teacher’, I am going to share some of my experiences and what worked to make the blog what it is now.


When I started Rare Beauty, I had an unclear idea of what I wanted to get across but I knew very well that I wanted a place I could put out my thoughts. Once I sat down and outlined what I really wanted to talk about, it became easier.


Having a working schedule will make publishing easier, reduce burn out and , maintain originality. When I started out on blogging, I came up with an over ambitious schedule of posting twice a week(which makes 8-9 posts a month), but after a month I got burned out. I was too much for me as a beginner. Considering the fact that I still had to work on my grades, work to do and the occasional blackouts and internet failures we face here, I  realized it wasn’t gonna work for me. I had to shuffle things up and make my publishing schedule flexible.


Selecting a platform is essential to your blogging experience. You may have to try out more than two to find out what works for you. I started out on WordPress but due to my lack of knowledge with the html area(we used to study it in high school…little did I know that I would need it later), I moved to Blogger and realized it was much more complicated. I proceeded on to Blog because it looked chic and pretty(never judge a book by its cover) but I wasn’t satisfied still. So I went back to WP this time with a positive mind and haven’t looked back ever since.


Consistency is key in developing and growing a blog and I can testify. If you are going to post twice a day, then post twice a day…continuously. If it’s going to be once a week then let it be once a week.


I wrote briefly about sincerity here but there is much more to it. Writing content that is dear to your heart and reflects who you are, content that you will be able to read yourself and enjoy is way better than having to copy.


Discover other blogs and bloggers. Comment, like, share views, guest blog,  email and encourage each other. It’s a big world out there and it can be fun.


Most importantly, blogging is something that you have to experience all by yourself to know how fun  and amazing it is. So what are you waiting for, start blogging!




8 thoughts on “Blogging| Lessons Learned

  1. Interesting. I must say consistency is good, but for me, not always realistic. However, I am able to “appear more consistent” if I write the things I want to write about ahead of time and then schedule them to post on a certain day and time. Now that I think about it, I’ve broken these all and learned, as well, that they do work. =)


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