DIY Braided Rug


Braiding is a huge part of our lives considering the fact that at the age of five we girls had braids in our hair. Hair aside, this braided rug was a result of this inspiration which I came across from  A beautiful Mess.

 It was a little bit tricky but after getting a study of it I decided to come up with my version. I guess the hardest part was having to braid an almost endless rope and having to sew it all together.

I followed from step one to four and then changed it up a bit. Instead of gluing I opted for sewing the long rope together and it kept on expanding(if you look closely, you can see some yarn sticking out). It was supposed to be a round rag but it turned it some weird distorted form(I don’t know what happened. Really).Guess I am still learning. But it is uplifting to know that my first try turned up ok. Im gonna have to do more in the future so as to come up with perfect shapes and larger sizes.

What have you tried  so far?

Have a happy week.




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