Happy Easter Weekend


Well today is Maunday Thursday and i am more than happy to share with you this flower! Guess it symbolizes the fact that despite all the schedules to meet, the exams, the errands and checklists to finish, this weekend will be a great one for me. Bonding with friends, doing various activities and hanging out with my siblings(my sister goes to a boarding school and she is home for the weekend). It is more than I could ask for. Sometimes we get wrapped up in our daily lives that we actually forget to live, something I am entirely against. I pray that as the Easter holiday mood sets in, take time to look around and notice what and who is around you. It is the little things that truly matter in the end.  What are you looking forward to this weekend?

 Happy Holidays and  May God bless you 



2 thoughts on “Happy Easter Weekend

  1. Lovely :-). I hope your Easter weekend was wonderful. I’m really enjoying your blog, Sophie! Thank you so much for introducing yourself and leaving such sweet comments on my blog!


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