DIY Umbrella Headband

DIY Umbrella Headband

Have you ever lived in a community where everything is so much the same? Where one thing is spotted more than three times? Welcome to my world. Amidst all this I try as much as possible to be outstanding ( don’t we all? Standing out from the crowd it is.) and this pushes me to be more creative than ever. Don’t get me wrong I love being creative. And so today I have decided to share with you one of my many DIY projects (after much battling with myself mind you) and I hope you will benefit as much as I do.
I am going to try as much as possible to explain how I made it (AKA tutorial) without pictures(sorry!).
• Old umbrella fabric (of your color preference)
• sewing yarn
• Needle
• Garter (2 in.)
• Tulle fabric(of your color preference)
• Scissors
1. Cut the umbrella fabric into three thin strips of 12in. each by 3in. Do the same with the tulle.
2. Connect the strips of umbrella fabric by sewing them together to make one long strip. Do the same with the tulle.
3. Add the tulle on top of the umbrella fabric and sew them together in the middle.
4. Start gathering the fabric from one end of the long strip to the other while sewing it in place until it has a length of one 12 in. strip or until it can wrap almost around your head. Be sure to leave an allowance of 3in. (as in it shouldn’t completely wrap around your head.)
5. Get another piece of fabric and sew it inside out into a long tube and then turn it inside in. Get the two inch garter and insert it into the piece of fabric (make sure the width of the tube of fabric is the same size as the width of the garter) and then stretch it until it can stretch no more.
6. Fasten the garter and the fabric with pins and sew the edges. When released it should compress back to its normal size and create a gathered effect on the tube fabric.
7. Cut out the excess fabric from the garter.
8. Connect the garter to the 12in. gathered fabric.
9. Finally, there you have it. Try it on (the garter should be at the back of your head) and if it needs any adjustments, just gather more fabric or loosen it.


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