2012… Still


2013 More of 2012

Although it is now 2013,Istill can’t just get over the fact that 2012 is gone! I’m still in that bitter-sweet moment where I am glad at the same time sad that 2012 is over. Though its gone, I still want to share some significant memories that  made it a good year.

1. Being Alive – First of all I am so grateful that I passed through the year alive.

2.  Turning 18-  It’s a little bit scary and still hard to comprehend but yeah! Last year I turned 18(i feel so old!) and still I’m grateful for reaching this far…I don’t deserve it.

3.Starting College- Ok ,I started college the other year(2011) but after a lot of complications  and major moving, I finally settled in college and I have to say its all good though hectic.

4. Visiting my Grandparents- I finally got to visit my grandparents after a long period of 6 years! I know it’s too long but well so circumstances can’t be controlled.

5. Bri’s Wedding- I also got to me a maid on  favourite cousin’s wedding. It was a very emotional moment watching her marry the man of her dreams… I shed a few tears… totally cheesy! I know.

6. Appearing on TV- I know it’s insane alright but yeah it happened out of the blue. I would like to sat that  is was God’s planning because  it taught me many things. By the way we( me and my little sister) sang a song.

7. Starting up a Blog – yep I started this blog last year. I am grateful I did because I have learnt a lot from it. I have had a chance to connect with fellow bloggers and it is somewhat a documentation of my growth a s a person.

8. Hosting a Christmas Party- Yeah I did it all by myself… ok ya with the help of my sisters… and my dad too. But it’s the first time  my mother has not been around so it was a major accomplishment for me. The atmosphere was great and the people liked the food( I got to make a pound cake for dessert and my dad couldn’t get over it… really!). I hope i get to make more parties!

Well that about sums up 2012. It was a good year and I have already listed my New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a long list but I tried to make them as realistic as possible so they can be achievable.

what are your  new year’s resolutions?




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