Uganda AT 50

Uganda @ 50

First and foremost is that this post was supposed to be for Tuesday but being caiught up didnt give me any chance to post anything last week. So im pposting now

Well Uganda celebrated its 50 years of independence and as my country, I am proud of it… or rather us. I didn’t feel too nationalistic though… maybe its because I am still young to understand these things or… I don’t know.
One thing that really opened my eyes is the feeling I got when I realized that being able to experience this jubilee celebration is a once in a lifetime chance. And this makes me feel humbled. I mean really who am I when the true patriots who worked hard for this country cant even be there on its fifty years of independence? Its an honor and I am grateful. I just wanted to share this song because its awesome and it speaks a lot!
I Love UG!


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