4 Simple goals


I saw this post here and really liked it so I decided to take up the challenge. After a long time of thought, I have come up with my list  of four simple goals that I want to accomplish before 2013, God willing.

1. Practice guitar

Well first and foremost, I do know how to play the guitar. My problem is that I’m at that stationary stage where I have mastereda hand full of minors and the majors A B C D E F G H(really sophie H?) Ok I got a little carreid away, but thats all. I do not want to settel for just that. And so I have challenged myself to learn more chords and proceed to the advanced level and learn the capp, the suspended, sharp and minor chords and practice them daily. At least by the end of this year, i should have learned 10 new chords.

2. Buy a camera

I have talked to a number of bloggers and they have advised me to invest in a good camera. So my aim is to work for a camera, a professional one and I believe I can make it with the Lord’s help. I am working with my little sister and we are so excited.

3. Reach 40 posts

I started this blog in September and there have been ups and downs but I consider these stepping stones and learning experiences. I would like to improve the blog and add more entries and my goal is to at least have 40 posts before 2013.

4.Make an oven-toaster cake

I know this sounds silly but I want to experiment with our oven toaster. The reason I am saying this is because I have used this toaster more than anyone can imagine. Most of my experimental recipes are made in that toaster, so making this cake will be a dream come true and I cant wait to get my creativity on!


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