Not so long ago, someone asked us randomly to sing and we said no. Ok. I will elaborate
It all started when this guy randomly approached us (me and my sister) and asked us if we were ready to sing. Puzzled, we asked him if he was sure we were to sing and he said we were on the program of the day. We further asked if he was sure it was us singing and he said it really was us. The problem was that no one had informed us at all about anything that had to do with us singing. So we told him that we couldn’t sing because it was too late and we weren’t unprepared. He apologized for not having informed us earlier and said he will look for someone else. What bothered me the most is that I felt strange after he left. I felt as if I had failed someone somewhere. I mean discipleship and witnessing is all about being able to take a stand no matter the circumstances. Isn’t it about being ready all the time to do God’s will? This made me realize how I had so much more to learn. If it were a chance to go to heaven, I would have missed it simply because I was not prepared. This means we have to be prepared every hour of every day because we do not know the HOUR.


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