Back to the Roots(Our Journey Home)

I just realized I never shared pictures of the holiday and the trip back west where yours truly was born. Guess I am still recovering from the shock of the accident. One thing I can say about home (Mt Rwenzori) is that is is magnificently beautiful. The scenery is breathtaking and there is a lot of natural beauty. These pictures don’t do any justice to what we saw with our eyes!

DSC05022 DSC05023 DSC05039 DSC05044 DSC05059 DSC05085

And then on the negative note, this area has a lot of untapped potential and the people still live in poverty. It broke my heart to visit  a secondary (equivalent of a high school) school that only had a cabinet for a library (below). being a book worm, i can’t help but think these kids aren’t exposed to any books at all(it is sad). But despite all these setbacks, you will still find cheerful people who put all their trust in God. Its an amazing testimony. My life was changed, seriously!


I realized the most important thing is to love people–I am not much of a lover(ahem!….another post probably!) but one of the resolutions this year is to love people around me more(I tell you it’s hard!) and I believe God is going to help me through it– and to help whenever the chance comes.

DSC05034 DSC05042 DSC05088 DSC05097

Overall, we had a great time. We even had a chance of collecting real(are there fake ones?) river stones from rivers and dipping our feet in cool water! Le sigh!



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Traveling…with Louise!

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First of all I want you to know that this post is coming from the bottom of my heart with much love.
I have always loved travelling and all my life I have been moving thus no permanent place to call home (the perks of being a PK!)! I know we all desire to travel the world and experience the cultures and untold beauty in person, but not all of us make it. Maybe is because of our geographical location, physical setbacks or financial problems. But it doesn’t hurt to dream and wouldn’t it be a beautiful feeling to realize in one way or another, we have contributed to a dream come true for some one, a relative, a friend?

In this blogging journey, I have been blessed with amazing blogger friends.
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What Life Is…


This year started on a great note. I remember us sitting in the shade high up in the mountains enjoying the cool (extremely cool-almost cold- we were wearing sweaters) weather during lunch time sipping piping hot balsam tea and thinking “we could get used to this!” Little did we know that there was so much more in store for us because the next day we found ourselves in the middle of a fatal car accident where a lot of damage was made and an animal lost life. An accident so complex even I can’t fully fathom what happened and let alone explain it. I am a person of a few words(speech-wise! I tend to babble a lot on paper and computer. Ha!) and whenever I am asked how I feel, I give the usual ‘fine’ because I am not really sure I can explain the emotions within. A great miracle happened and I find myself most often wondering: What would the world be doing if I were dead?, Did I deserve to be saved? Am I even worthy of the abundant grace shown to me? I know by my own self I am not and this is why I am grateful for everything. It’s easy to get wrapped in the everyday and not realize life is frail. What happened has taught me to value what matters and to be grateful. And so I am GRATEFUL:
that God is God and that He is a loving God.
for this life
for friends
for this year
for the past year
for my family
for all the regrets
for all the challenges
for all the triumphs
for all the joys
for all the haters
for all the letdowns
for all the tears
for all the laughter
for all the silliness
for all the humiliation
that I can still sing
that I can still sing about how great God is
that I can walk
for all the challenges
that I can still write in this webspace
for my siblings
for the neighbors
for the heartache
for all I have been through
for the air I breathe
for everything for it makes me who I am and my life and it’s all part of a process I am destined to be.
Happy New Year friends and I wish you the Lord’s blessings in everything.

Lots of love plus a smile