Traveling…with Louise!

[Click on image to go to Trevolta]

First of all I want you to know that this post is coming from the bottom of my heart with much love.
I have always loved travelling and all my life I have been moving thus no permanent place to call home (the perks of being a PK!)! I know we all desire to travel the world and experience the cultures and untold beauty in person, but not all of us make it. Maybe is because of our geographical location, physical setbacks or financial problems. But it doesn’t hurt to dream and wouldn’t it be a beautiful feeling to realize in one way or another, we have contributed to a dream come true for some one, a relative, a friend?

In this blogging journey, I have been blessed with amazing blogger friends.
Louise holds a special place in my heart and she is fundraising money to go to Japan. Isnt that awesome?!?!
So I am humbly requesting you to head over to Trevolta and check out her campaign. Oh and to know more about Louise, check out her take on LOL here.

I would be an honor if you contributed


PS: Had my first ad-swap and it’s from Louise!


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