Dinner at Le Château- Kampala Restaurant Week

Kampala restaurant week this year is phenomenal with great and talented chefs outdoing themselves to create culinary masterpieces. We were delighted to get a chance to sample Le Château’s Kampala Restaurant Week menu for dinner yesterday.  Two hungry and inquisitive people, two signature dishes to tear apart. 

Our beautiful night started with a refreshing juice cocktail. It was followed by a starter of freshly baked bread. 

My dinner date had the iconic organic beef with assorted nuts and endives salad, pepper sauce served with sweet potato fries. I had the chicken fillet with plantain in peanut sauce served with fresh garden broccoli. First and fore most I would love to commend the chef for the innovativeness that he brought to both the dishes. I am a huge advocate for fusion cuisine and this was my comfort zone. Paring sweet plantain with well seasoned and cooked chicken and a glass of sweet white wine were pure bliss

The service, as always, was topnotch. Our waiter made sure we had what we needed. 

There are still a few days remaining before the restaurant week is over. I highly recommend trying both signature dishes. You will be in for a delightful surprise. Visit this website to know more about Le Château and its offerings: http://www.lechateaukampala.com/

Also do not forget to vote for the restaurant on The Pearl Guide (thepearlguide.co.Ug).


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