The experimental

Hello friends! How was your past week? Mine was great. I’m sure some of you have made your way here from my old blog, welcome. There is still a lot to do to make it feel more like home but in the meantime, just take a look.

Remember the mango I posted in the previous post? Well after a couple of days, we decide to slice it up and this is what we got (boy is this mango gigantic!). I instantly started dreaming of ways I can fancy up this mango by probably making a dipping sauce for it or paring it with other things. But hey it was all in my head ha!

Anyways, this is papaya and mango season these ends and we are eating them every which way like this blended combo of papaya, cucumber and passion fruit juice.

Oh and lastly, I have been viewing and reading food blogs a lot and finally nailed how to make pie in an oven toaster( i posted about baking in it here). It was purely experimental but a recipe is coming soon.

What have you been up to lately




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