Likes Lately

Hello! The week is coming to an end and I have never been happier because it is officially summer for me! Yey!

As I was spoiling myself with the net(because now I have time to kill), I found this postcard about dreaming(I am a dreamer!). And it don’t hurt to dream right?


Then a recipe which is mouthwatering(err…literary). I could eat this forever


This quotation pretty much sums up what religion consists of these days and I am no exception because I find myself over judging and yet I know I am not in any position to do so. I pray that God helps me judge less and love more.

Isn’t it beautiful that my mother was born on mothers day and I would like to give this to her. Happy Birthday Mama!

(PS: I think these 15 crafts would be good for a mothers day gift!)

And then this skirt. It is just so timeless and adorable!! I should probably make a wish list. Le sigh!

I think this couch is gorgeous!!

Lastly, I read a post that made me really wonder, Am I excited about Christ’s coming as I am excited over other things in life?

What have you been up to lately?



PS: click on the image to go to the source



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