Summer Plans


Hey there. I am just dropping in to say hi. I have one exam left this week and then I am free!

For summer this time around, I wanna  have just a few goals and them work towards them.

1. Read one book A week

Recently, we got  over 10 Readers’ Digest condensed novels and they have epic stories. I would love to read one book  week and actually finish it… starting next week.  Fingers crossed.

2. Write in my journal once a week

Lately, I have been involved in my journal way too much(compared to the previous years) and I would like to continue with  the tradition this summer holiday

3. Work on my cooking skills

I am experimenting with many recipes, tweaking some here and there so that they can fit my budget and I would love to do this more  this summer. I mean, practice makes perfect. Right?

4. Enjoy the holiday to the fullest.

Need I say more? I want to experience this summer to the fullest. I may not go to the beach(I never do these days), shopping or do any of those fun(ish) summer things that everyone does but I want to take one day at a time and live in the moment and just go with what life throws my way. That is the beauty of life right?!

Wish me luck. Ha!

What are your summer plans?





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