LOL With Courtney Kennedy


This month of October’s inspiring LOL Guest is Courtney. She has been a  major inspiration to me when it comes to crafting and DIYing. She is soo good at everything she does and today we are honored to take a look at what Living out Loud means to her.

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Courtney Kennedy
Etsy Shop Owner (Shop Always Rooney)
I like loose-leaf tea, star wars, creating with my hands, golfing, rock climbing and taking Sunday naps. I don’t like tomatoes, the color pink, anything pumpkin (except carving!), or writing with anything other than a G-2 .07 pen.
Living Out Loud to me is understanding why you were created and knowing it was for a purpose. To wake up each day recognizing that purpose and doing what you can to change something that day.
I’m in a life changing moment right now that made me reevaluate how I’m living: I realized I didn’t want the average 9-5 job, and I wasn’t passionate about going to school so I realized it was possible to start living my dreams now instead of later as I listen to God and follow Him daily.
People who really understand their talents and focus on those things instead of trying to do everything inspire me.
It is a daily choice to Live Out Loud, it isn’t going to change in and instant. You have to be intentional about your actions and passionate about what you do. People follow passion, so don’t settle for anything you aren’t passionate about.
If you have a dream, take steps toward the dream. Don’t think that it is a big leap away or you have to have some big miracle for it to happen. If you work hard and take steps toward the goal, you’ll arrive sooner or later!


Thanks Courtney for sharing with Rare Beauty Readers.

Find more of Courtney on her blog : Always Rooney and her shop: Shop Always Rooney


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