Summer Recap

summerrecapThe other day, I was mulling over the fact that summer is totally over and gone when I realized it has been one of the best summer holidays I have ever had.  I was blessed beyond measure. Seriously.  I am not trying to brag in any way but I just thought  it would be great to talk  about what the Lord has done.


When summer started, I was a little…err… frustrated. I wanted to(besides having to wake up really late and watch movies endlessly….well sort of…) maximize all the opportunities so that when I look back, I will  always remember  it as one of the best.  I prayed hard to God to open my eyes for any opportunity hanging around. What I didn’t know was that I totally wasn’t prepared for the  outpouring of blessings that would follow.


             I got two jobs and that was just the beginning. I refused to be bored(which, by the way, is hard!) so I busied myself with the two jobs, blogging, crocheting and some crafty DIYs (which I will be sharing  soon) and a lot of brain storming and thinking for the future of me. Sounds like a handful! Before I knew it, the three months were over .


I was sad. A good kind of sad(is there such a thing?). Sad that  if the summer holiday was a tiny little bit longer, I could have done more and organized my thoughts better. That maybe somehow I could have accomplished more. It happens to all of us, but hey time is time and it is valuable and it can’t be brought back one it is gone.


To make the long( probably boring) story short, Summer was one of a kind. The jobs  I took up earned me tuition for the next semester, a personal digital camera(yey more images now ha!), great friends and acquaintances and a fresh outlook on life. It is more than I could ask for or had imagined. I am so grateful. Grateful to God for blessing me beyond  measure. I can’t wait to see what this other half of the year will bring.


Oh yeah, I also got this gorgeous vase for free!


How was your summer?



PS: Sorry for the picture overload… I had to summarize this as much as possible.


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