Hope: When Everything Else fails (part 1)


It’s the end of July and this means my summer time is officially over. I know it’s a sad moment. No more late night movies, waking up at mid-day (gasp!), and procrastination to the highest degree! But it’s going to be a new school year. A chance to start over anew and make the most out of everything.

When this year started (ok, before it even started), I was hopeful. Very hopeful that everything was going to turn out the way I want(and don’t blame it on the new year’s resolutions mood!). I guess I was a little( ok. Very, very) over ambitious and I got disappointed. But you say ‘hey it’s ok…I mean that’s life right?!’ You see I am the kind of person who gets really frustrated when I know I could be doing something instead of wishfully thinking. I believe in letting out that creative monster or else it will keep nagging.

As much as I believe things happen for a reason, there are times when I am a bit skeptical(very skeptical) and always want things to go my way, the way I have planned them in my head. In this life we have been taught to take everything in our control and I mean everything. And when our plans don’t work out the way we exactly imagined them, we throw tantrums, question our existence and purpose and everything else involved.

It’s after this disappointment what one wonders ‘What now? Where will I go from here?’ And in the midst of all that despair is where a little  glimmer of hope comes in. we begin to understand that we can’t fully  take control of everything we want to and around us and that we need to put our trust in God and let Him take control. I realized after this step is taken, things start to make sense. And I have to say that it is definitely not easy to simply put our trust in anyone…someone because  we have all been betrayed  at one point in our lives. But putting our trust and faith in God is a sure guarantee that he won’t fail us. He is our Creator, knows us from the inside out and knows what’s best for us.

This year I am learning to trust in my Heavenly Father and to have hope. I know I cant control everything. Life has to happen but I will try my best to have hope and faith.  It’s not easy but I believe that by His grace I will succeed.

What are you struggling with lately?




5 thoughts on “Hope: When Everything Else fails (part 1)

  1. Life is full of struggles and it’s whatever our faith is or whatever we believe in, our attitude, and our will to persevere that will see us through. I hope that things will work out for you! -Jess L


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